Week 2


I am Khushal Agrawal (skippr), a Google Summer Of Code contributor and developer at Inkscape. This blog summarises my progress during the second week of Google Summer Of Code 2024.

This week's activity

During this week my focus was to complete as much of the Node Tool as possible. I was having difficulties with deciding shortcuts for the tools so instead I decided to work on the features with temporary shortcuts and discuss back and forth with Adam to finalise how these tools work and their final keybindings.

This week I completed the first iteration of the "new" node tool, you can find the MR here. This MR included almost all (except two) of the new features of the Node Tool. I added the feature of Alt + Clicking on the handles to toggle between Smooth and Symmetric nodes. I also added the feature of Shift + Clicking on the handles to convert the node to Cusp. I added the Shift+Space feature while dragging to move the handles along with the node.

After submitting the MR, I had a meet with Adam where we decided on what needs to stay and what must be changed. For example, Shift+click would interfere with future features so we decided to remove that, also we decided to make Alt+Click toggle between all four types of nodes. We also found a bug in one feature and remapped a few keybindings, you can find the current state of the new shortcuts in this spreadsheet.

Next week's plan

Next week I will focus on adding a unique icon type for every node (this) and make changes decided in our meet. Concurrently I will start working on the Pen Tool, starting with the lesser complex features and discuss them with next week's meeting.

We also had a discussion on a MR I was working on before GSOC, that could be helpful if implemented correctly, which I also aim to complete next week, you can find it here.